March Safety Zone

More than 350 Year 5 pupils from  primary schools in and around March and Chatteris  took part in the Safety Zone, joining in six interactive activities, all designed to keep them and their families out of danger.

The most dramatic scenario, led by members of Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service and complete with billowing smoke, got the children to play out how to respond to a fire in their homes, including making an emergency phone call.

Other topics covered were road safety and the importance of wearing seatbelts, Antisocial Behaviour, Respect and Care in the home, Dog Safety  and Water Safety

“The children love these kinds of hands-on activities. They particularly enjoyed the fire safety exercise with all the smoke and the other sessions reinforced what we do in school on subjects like internet safety. It’s definitely a great way of getting these messages across.”

The Safety Zone is organised by Fenland District Council with help from Cambridgeshire County Council, the Police and Fire services, Woodgreen Animal Shelter and St Johns Ambulance.

It will be repeated in Wisbech and Whittlesey later this year, involving another 500 children from more primary schools in Fenland

T“If you can get the safety messages across to the children at an early age – and particularly if you do it in a fun way – then they pass those messages on to their brothers and sisters and their parents. That benefits everyone”