Domestic Abuse Awareness Campign

Last week Fenland launched its Domestic Abuse Awareness Campaign which involved getting local businesses to display our poster and wear the advice chain wrist band.

The Fenland Community Safety Partnership (CSP)  distributed leaflets in all four market towns and encouraging businesses to display posters.

DA poster

The Luxe Cinema in Wisbech is also showing an advert produced by the CSP for two weeks, starting from July 4-17.


The term domestic abuse is used to cover all kinds of domestic violence – physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual.

A key part of the campaign was to promote the new Advice Chain website, It is an online directory of local and national organisations that provide support for victims of domestic abuse and other forms of exploitation, including human trafficking.

Councillor David Oliver, the CSP’s chairman, said: “It is vital that people not only recognise how widespread domestic abuse is but also that they can spot the signs and have the confidence to report it.

“Essentially, anyone in a relationship who is forced to alter their behaviour because they are frightened is being abused.

“We know that this is a serious issue in Cambridgeshire as a whole. But the number of incidents recorded by the police in Fenland is higher than in the rest of the county. What’s more, it is believed to account for at least 24 per cent of violent crime here.”

We are also promoting a 30-minute online course that helps people recognise the signs of abuse and explains how to report concerns.

The course can be found at