Partnership Working


What is Partnership working?

  • Partnership is seen to most accurately describe ways of working together in long-term, on-going relationships.
  • The extent of partnership working can be limited when contact is ad-hoc, one-off or around issues where partners argue from entrenched positions.
  • Partnership can be informal or formalised, but it is the quality rather than the form that determine success.
  • A founding concept would be that, in partnership, different interests working together become more than the sum of their parts.
  • Partnerships need a sense of shared aims and objectives.
  • Partnerships need to recognise and provide space for difference and disagreement.

The CSP works  with a variety of organisations and services to identify community issues and prioritise our efforts to work towards resolving them. The recent Safety Zone event is  great example of this – a variety of officers and staff working to create a great learning experience for young people in March and Chatteris