Selective Licensing Consulation

Fenland District Council is considering introducing a scheme called “Selective Licensing”. This will apply to all private landlords of residential properties in Wisbech.

If Selective Licensing is introduced, it would mean that all private landlords with residential property in designated areas of the town would need to apply for a licence for each property they rent out. In order to become a license holder a landlord would have to meet a certain criteria. The aim of the proposal is to drive up housing standards in the Wisbech area.

Find out more and have your say!

We are have held a few sessions already, consulting about our proposal to introduce Selective Licensing using the New Horizons Vehicle in Wisbech Market. The consultation will run for 10 weeks starting from 29th February 2016.

We want people to come along and have their say on the consultation – this is just a proposal for now but this is your opportunity to come along and  tell us what you think. Join us on the new Horizons Bus in Wisbech Market Place on the following dates:


28th Apr 10-3