Chelsea’s Choice Summary Report

This summary report is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Chelsea’s Choice production in raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) to those aged between 13-17 in the Fenland area.

The responses from the surveys and focus groups suggest that young people in years 9/10 as a collective knew what CSE was, but did not necessarily understand the process and/or signs and symptoms of victims of CSE. It was also clear from the discussion groups that although online internet safety is taught in school, the knowledge of the effects of manipulation and its consequences is limited.

The results also highlight the need for staff, parent and carer awareness raising around CSE to improve communication between adults and young people. This needs to be done in a way that allows young people to make informed decisions in their lives and not in a ‘scaremongering’ or derogatory manner.


1000 students viewed the production across six educational establishments in Fenland and of this, 80% of students completed and returned the surveys provided.

bar garph average cse

Bar graph of averages – Knowledge of CSE pre & post performance

The surveys allowed us to identify a variety of things including:

  • Who a child or young adult would go to for support or advice.
  • The understanding of risk taking behaviour.
  • The understanding of the signs of CSE.
  • Understanding of what constitutes a healthy relationship and to know the signs of an unhealthy relationship.


On average, knowledge of Child Sexual Exploitation increased approximately 50%, with Neale Wade Community College showing the greatest increase of knowledge from 3.15 on the scale to 7.61.

We have identified seven individuals who are vulnerable and possibly at risk of CSE or associated risk taking behaviours.

The production, workshop and focus groups delivered as a package, have proved effective in engaging with the students and not only raising awareness of the issues that surround CSE but also have enabled them to identify the signs of a unhealthy relationship and risk taking behaviours. Avenues of support for young people in the local area have also been highlighted throughout the event and the piloted workshops have enabled us to refine and improve the package for any future events.

Effectiveness of Chelsea’s Choice

In terms of understanding how effective the performance the graph below from Cromwell Community College mirrors the other establishments. We can see the play and workshops improved the awareness of reporting identified issues with the biggest increase focussing on police reports. This is seen as a success as young people engaged in these age groups lose contact and a relationship to their local police officers.

cc line graph

Pre and post performance results taken from Cromwell Community College

On the same question the absence of knowledge on reporting also dropped from between 20-30 to 0 showing all who viewed the performance had an improved knowledge of reporting.

In order to establish how well the information was retained by those who watched the production and also to understand how effective it was as a tool at raising awareness of CSE, focus groups were held at the six establishments throughout December.

piechart cc

The sessions were very informative and more details on the content can be found the full report (available on request from Community safety team at Fenland            Council –  100% of students remembered the performance three months down the line with 97% of students considering that the performance was a good way to raise awareness of CSE in young people.

The follow up workshops allowed us to identify three potentially vulnerable individuals, one of which disclosed she had potentially been a victim of online grooming.