March Wildlife Group -Volunteering Opportunity in Fenland

March Wildlife Group are a great example of how volunteering can contribute towards a safer community not only for us humans, but wildlife too. The group meets regularly to maintain local nature reserves as well as educate people about the importance of local wildlife. The volunteering opportunities are not only benefiting local wildlife but its creates a better sense of community and the more that join the cause, the better off the local communities will be for it. It is also a good way to educate the younger generation about wildlife conservation and how things like litter and antisocial behaviour can have a negative effect on an ecosystem.


The Group have work parties at Norwood Road Nature Reserve on the second Saturday of each month, starting at 10am. They are usually there for a couple of hours with a tea break halfway through. They also meet throughout the month at Rings End Nature Reserve and Gault Wood Nature Reserve so if you can spare a few hours a month to support them contact the Group leader Spencer.

Spencer has a wealth of information about wildlife – for more information about the March Local Group contact Mary Barrington at or on 01354 657172.

Also visit their facebook page for updates and info: