The Importance of Police Forums & Community Events

Research suggests that the way in which officers behave when engaging with the public helps to reduce crime by encouraging respect for the law and fostering social responsibility, making people more likely to help the police and not break the law.

As the effects on crime are largely preventive and rely on voluntary public cooperation, improved public engagement and encounters can help the police avoid the financial costs associated with enforcing the law, detecting crime and processing offenders.

Without the cooperation of the public, policing in developed democracies would become essentially unworkable. In simple terms, the police service would cease to function without the active support of the communities it serves.

Evidence has shown that effective community engagement, targeted foot patrols and collaborative problem solving can significantly increase public confidence in policing activity.

The process of enabling citizens and communities to participate in policing at their chosen level is known as engagement. This ranges from providing information and assurance, to empowering them to identify and implement solutions to local problems and influence strategic priorities and decisions.

Community engagement may be one-off or repeated over a long period of time. It can be formal or informal, focused on a specific issue or incident, a neighbourhood, on service delivery, or more broadly, on policing strategy.

The New Horizons vehicle has been used to facilitate a variety of community safety engagements and Police forums and always has a council representative on-board too. We want to ensure the community has support and advice around all aspects of safety so please come on and have a chat next time you see the bus, we will pass any complaints or concerns on to our relevant partners in order to resolve any issues in an efficient manner.

The list below show just how many times the bus was out in the community last year! For this years events details keep checking the blog!

Date Event/Location
02 April 2015 Police Forum Coldham
07 April 2015 Wisbech – Op pheasant
09 April 2015 Police Forum Chatteris
13 April 2015 Wisbech – Op pheasant
15 April 2015 Police Forum Christchurch
28 April 2015 Police Forum Wisbech
01 May 2015 Police Forum Leverington and Tydd st Mary
13 May 2015 Cuppa with a Copper – Manea
26 June 2015 Wisbech -Op pheas
2nd July 2015 Waterlees Helathy Relationship Event
06 July 2015 Police Forum March
13 July 2015 Police Forum Wisbech
15 July 2015 Police Forum Wisbech
06 July 2015 Manea – crime prevention event
13 July 2015 Police Forum Wisbech
15 July 2015 Wisbech Op Pheasant
22 July 2015 March – SIRCS training
28 July 2015 ASB education event March Cricket Club
27th July 2015 Alcohol Awareness Event
30 July 2015 ASB education evemt March Cricket Club
04 August 2015 Police Forum Chatteris
04 August 2015 Police Forum Manea
12th August 2015 Community House ‘Give it a Go’
14th August 2015 Waste Eduction event Wisbech
13 August 2015 Manea – crime prevention
18 August 2015 Wisbech crime prevention
25 August 2015 Wisbech Park – Community door knock
27 August 2015 March – Princes Trust Recruitment
3rd Septmeber 2015 Personal Theft Awarness event – Wisbech
3rd Septmeber 2015 Police Forum – March
7th September 2015 Police Forum Chatteris
7th September 2015 Police forum Manea
15th September 2015 Rural Forums Parsons Drove
15th September 2015 Rural Forum – Murrow
15th September 2015 Rural Forums – Guyhirn
15th September 2015 Rural Forums – Wisbech St Mary
15th September 2015 Rural Forums Newton
22nd September 2015 Loan Shark Event
25th September 2015 Loan Shark Event
28th September 2015 Environmental Audit – Waterlees
8th October 2015 Police Forum March
28th October Wisbech – Op pheasant
2nd Nov Crime Prevention Waterlees
04th Nov Wisbech Op Pheasant
12th Nov Police Forum March
16th Nov Domestiv Abuse awareness event March
17th Nov Alcohol Awarness tour Wisbech
18th Nov Op Pheasant Milner Rd Wisbech
19th Nov Domestic Abuse awareness Wisbech
23rd Nov Police Forum Manea
23rd Nov Domesctic abuse awareness Chatteris
24th Nov Alcohol Awareness Huntingdon
26th Nov Domestic abuse awarenss Whittlesey
27th Nov March xmas light switch on
29th Nov Wisbech Xmas light switch on
2nd Dec CWA Chelseas Choice workshop
9th Dec TCA Chelseas Choice Workshop
10th Dec Crime Prevention Wisbech tour
13th Dec Wisbech xmas Market
19thDec Walsoken Police drop in