Team Tackles Fly-Tipping in Wisbech

Last week Fenland District Council’s Community Safety Team & Street scene along with Fenland Police joined forces to tackle Fly  Tipping issues that have been occuring in Wisbech over the last month.

Previous community engagment allowed us to have an idea of where the litter was coming from and at what sort of times dumping was occuring. The New Horizons Vehicle was used as a base to hold the waste & recylce awarness event right next to the site and community that had been affected by the anti-scoial behaviour.

Leaflets in multiple languages about the consequences of fly tipping, waste collection calanders and infomation about local waste sites and Fire Safety infomation was provided to all the poperties in the affected and immediate surroundinging area in an attempt to resolve the on going issues.

Since the event no rubbish has been found in the area by our cleanisng team so hopefully the perpetrators have got the message at last!

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