Wisbech Safety Zone 2015


So far this year Fenland Council has led 3 Safety Zone Events provided to local schools. With over thousand children having attended, the events have proved to be both fun and engaging as well as educational, which is the main reason these events are provided.

Each day there were a variety of different scenarios for each group of children. Group sizes varied from 4 -7 but were kept as small as possible in order to allow maximum attention to the students and their questions, with a focus on engaging with them to ensure they understood the important messages that were being conveyed.




The knowledgeable partners focused on the most important messages and had 12 minutes to deliver their scenario. The scenarios included:

  • Fire Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Trading standards
  • Anti-social Behaviour Education
  • Internet Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Street Scene education (littering ect.)
  • Water safety
  • Dog safety

The most dramatic scenario, led by members of Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service and complete with billowing smoke, got the children to play out how to respond to a fire in their homes, including making an emergency phone call.



Teacher Kirsty Francis from the Alderman Jacobs school, Whittlesey, said: “The children love these kinds of hands-on activities. They particularly enjoyed the fire safety exercise with all the smoke and the other sessions reinforced what we do in school on subjects like internet safety. It’s definitely a great way of getting these messages across.”

The Safety Zone is organised by Fenland District Council with help from Cambridgeshire County Council, the police and fire services, and Circle Roddons. It is held in the local fire stations and the New Horizons outreach bus is also used to help deliver the project.